Film is the 'language' of the 21st century, and with a continuing strong commitment anyone can 'speak it fluently'. During the Film Making Course, participants will be part of practical workshops, where they will develop their skills in capturing great images, video and audio, and will be able to combine these two elements to tell a story.

About the Film Making Course

The course is free for all participants 
(You only need to be able for full engagement in the course, showing high dedication in learning and presenting ideas)

Number of participants: 75

Age: +15 years old

The course will last for 8 months  (June 2020 – February 2021), with a total of 128 session

Applications are open from 15 May 2020 until 20 June 2020

What you'll learn?

The 'Film Making Course' curriculum will include all the basic concepts for editing, including:

Adobe Premiere

Starting a project

Importing and organizing videos and other files

Creating a timeline and the use of basic editing tools

Applying and creating custom transitions

Editing audio

Applying visual effects

Color correction

Designing professional titles

Exporting the project and much more

Course structure:

Phase 1: Ideation (Design Thinking) (1 day)

Design Thinking is one of the most widely used processes for problem solving, in any field of business. The all-day ‘Design Thinking’ workshop will be a practical session, where all participants will be working together in identifying challenges or issues the youth is currently facing in Kosovo, which they will then use as a theme in their videos. Design Thinking allows us to come up with creative and applicable ideas in solving different problems in the most effective way.

Phase 2: Technology training (2 months)

An intensive training will be held for 2 months, where all participants will gain full knowledge about the video editing software – Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best video editing software, which allows endless possibilities on editing, without much limitations. Adobe Premiere Pro is used by professionals across the world, for all kinds of productions from business & marketing videos and music videos to documentaries and feature films.

After 2 months of training, with a total of 32 sessions held, you will be able to:

  • – Edit videos professionally, starting from scratch
  • – Use all the editing tools effectively (know when and where to use them) 
  • – Manipulate with colors and correct them
  • – Design professional titles for your videos 
  • – Add effects to your titles and photos, for a more visually appealing video, and much more!

Phase 3: Project implementation and personalized training for the selected projects (6 months)

The implementation phase is divided into 96 sessions, which include practical work on the selected projects and personalized training in video editing.

The filmmaking course is part of a project best described by the chosen motto “Report facts not rumors”, which makes the implementation phase the most important, where all participants will work in presenting their ideas through video. Participants will combine all the gained knowledge from the 2-month training phase with video materials which they will produce during this phase, to fully complete their video project.

Phase 4: Publishing (Final night) (1 day)

The final night is an event during which the created videos will be presented in front of a wide audience. After this event, all the videos will be published on the KallzoRinia website.

Who this course is for:

For beginners who want to learn how to edit. No prior video editing knowledge is required

For people who may already be familiar with editing (having used applications such as iMovie, Vegas Pro, Movie Maker etc), but want to make the switch to Premiere Pro

For beginner users of Adobe Premiere Pro, who need help to effectively use the editing tools

Content creators that want to expand their portfolio 

Journalists and media professionals 

For all people over the age of 15

*Due to the situation created with COVID-19 we are addressing the possibility of holding the training online.

The ‘FilmMaking Course’ is part of the project “Solidifying the Resilience of Kosovo’s Current and Future Journalists”. The project intends to restore trust in media and maintain news streams that provide objective, fact-checked and professional reporting by bringing together the wider community of journalists and media professionals, media outlets, civil society, young media talent and the public in order to increase awareness, recognition and support for professional journalism as a means of solidifying the foundations of a sustainable democracy in Kosovo.

This activity has been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of the jCoders Academy and BIRN, and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.